How Low can you go?

I have what I think is a simple question. The number 1 hole on a harmonica is the lowest note it plays but what key of a harmonica plays the lowest note? The 10 hole is the highest note on the harmonica but again what harmonica key plays the highest note?

Hey Timothy -

Not sure which question you’re asking here so I’ll answer both, lol.

The lowest harmonica key traditionally is a G harmonica, but they also make a Low F (labeled “LF”) And now, Lee Oskar makes all the way down to Low C. That is going REAL LOW yo!

Highest key traditionally is an F harmonica. They do make a High G. But I don’t think you need to go any higher than F. It’s already pretty shrill!

Does that answer your question?

If your question was what note the 1 and 10 play, the blow 1 and blow 10 both play the note name of the harmonica. So on a C harmonica, the 1 is low C, and the 10 is high C.

Rock on!

Hi Timothy,

According to the web page for Seydel harmonicas, they build and sell the lowest Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica in the world: the model 1847 LLE (which stands for Low Low E) is relatively new in their product list and seems to sell for around 107 (US ) for the Classic model, and about $130 for the Noble model.

They also offer the Classic model as a high Bb also for about $107. I have not looked into such high ranges so I do not know if anyone offers higher range harps that are still of good quality.

Seydel 1847 model harmonicas are exceptionally good and have stainless steel reeds. Their models with brass reeds are priced more like Hohner and Lee Oskar harmonicas. I own and play both the Seydel 1847 models and their less expensive brass reed models as well. All are very good harps – as are the Hohner Special 20, Marine Band Deluxe and Rocket models (which I also own and play).


– Slim

Thank You yes that answered my question.

Thank You maybe if and when I get better at playing I will check out the Seydel.

OK, awesome!