How to play tabs in 2nd position

I am getting the hang of the bends needed to play 2nd position on a C harmonica in order to hit the G key. What confuses me is how do I apply this to a tab for the G scale? So, I have a tab for a G harmonica, but I want to use a C harmonica. Is there a way to transpose the tab so that I can play it in 2nd position? Or, am I missing something and this isn’t needed?


Hi @theodoreowens

I use this chart for transposing keys…. I also transpose the tabs to notes and then back to tabs and this chart helps with that as well. Hope that helps.



Hey @theodoreowens there’s already a thread on this subject. Please check it out and add any follow-up questions there:


I see that the answer is more complicated than I was hoping for. But, I will double down on my ignorance and ask it in a related way. What if I only have a tab written in C, but the band is playing in G. What would happen if I used a G harmonica but played this tab written in C? Would that be in tune with the band?

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Yep! That’s the wonderful thing. You don’t have to learn different tabs to play in a different key. Way easier than what a pianist or a saxophone player has to do. (Of course we’ve got shell out another $50-60 or whatever you’re paying - but even here, other instrumentalists often shell out many thousands of dollars for their instruments!)