How to progress?

I started the harmonica 4-5 years ago and practised a lot (2 hours each day). And now, I achieved the goals I fixed when I started (have good bends and overnotes, play solos like “crossroads blues”, “Walter’s boogie”,… , learn techniques like tongue blocking, tongue-block vibrato, throat vibrato, and some others…, and improve blues improvisation). But today, I don’t know if I have to learn more and more hard solos and riffs to progress, or if I just need to try new genres… What do you think ?


Hi @LostSol

If you can do all of the things you listed then I would suggest joining or forming a band. Then see how far you can get playing professionally.

You could also try expanding your skills with the blues harp by moving into classical or jazz music, both of which utilize your skill set much more than blues or rock music do.

Finally, you might consider moving to the chromatic harmonica (if you do not already play this). Check out the music of Filip Jers for inspiration on both types of harp.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks for your reply Slim !
Yes, I also play the Chromatic (some classical pieces like : the Turkish March, Bach’s Badinerie, La traviata, Tico-Tico and others), but I never tried to play these pieces on the diatonic.
I played also with a few bands, but each time they wanted me to play electric or acoustic guitar (what I did) instead of taking some solos with the diatonic, so I was a little bit disappointed… :pensive:
But anyway, thanks a lot for your tips ! I’m going to try them right now…


I would listen to songs of different types and consider where is the pocket for me in this song and different genres also. Not all harp is lead or wailing but accompaniment.