How to submit Tabs?

(Sorry for bad English)

Since I started harmonica, I made a lot of tabs by myself, because I couldn’t find decent ones on the Internet. And now, I would like to share them with people who need them. I made the tabs of :

  • Crossroads Blues (Adam Gussow) => intro + all 3 solos
  • Walter’s boogie (Big Walter Horton)
  • Sweet Home Chicago (J-J Milteau)
  • Gabrielle’s solo (Greg Zlap)
    Fox’s Chase (DeFordBailey) => From a YouTube channel called “LostTony”
  • LostJohn (Sonny Terry)
  • Love like a rock (Rory McLeod)
  • Javaca
    And some others…

So, where could I submit them ?
Thank you for your responses.


And also :

  • Hoochie Coochie man (Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters versions)
  • Long Train runnin’ (Doobie Brothers)
  • Tears in heaven
  • Halleluya (Chromatic and diatonic)
    School (Supertramp) : intro + piano solo
  • Les copains d’abords (Georges Brassens)
  • Aux sombres héros de l’amer (Noir Désir) => intro + solo + outro
  • Stairway to heaven (Led Zep)
  • Dirty old Town (Pogues) => intro + lyrics + solo + outro
  • Marcel et Marcelle (J-J Milteau)
  • some scales (major/minor/pentatonic/modes)

and others too


(last one, I promise)

And also lots of chromatic tabs (Turkish March, Summertime…)


WOW @LostSol you have been working hard my friend, and what a great list of harmonica tunes!

You could copy them and paste them directly into a post here on this thread? The other place you could submit them is

Thanks for wanting to share all your hard work!