Howdy Folks.. New to the forum, not new to havin a harmonica in my pocket though

I’ve been playin for quite a few years, heard my Dad playin and his story was that my Mom gave him a harmonica when he got on the troop ship taking all the Army soldiers to fight in the Korean war. My apologies to anyone that had to listen to him on that long journey…

I’ve got all his older harps, my favorites are definitely my Echos (Think I have 4 or 5 of them…

Recently I came upon a treasure chest. It was in the form of a Pkano fishin tackle box and inside were 38 fully assembled and functional harps, and parts and pieces to put probably another 6 back into life.

What I need is a decent book on working on these old diatonics, and a few other ypes in there. I’m also on the hunt for a small box of them little bitty scres and nuts or the nails that hold the plates onto the whole thing.

I had put an Ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for old harps, whether the needed repair or not. Fidured I’d learn to bring them back for another life and get them in the hands of people that want to learn to play one or two.

This guy called me, he was over in a retirement high rise in Portland, OR and I went over and met him. I was blown away by what was in that box, for instance, there’s at least 6 Special 20’s in there…

When I asked him how much he wanted for it all… .he said… FIVE DOLLARS!! I had to excuse myself to use his restroom before I pee’d my pants.

Heck, the empty tacklebox alone was worth $5.00…


Welcome to the forum.
I’m not aware of a book on harp repairs but I’m sure someone on the forum will.
There’s also the vast resource of YouTube these days which on the plus side has loads of people showing how to do stuff (and on the minus side, you’ve no idea if what they’re showing you right, so sensible caution).

It sounds like you’ve got a real treasure trove, I hope you have many happy hours bringing them back to life.