Howlin' Throat Vibrato & Howlin' Wolf

I was texting with my friend Justin tonight (whose also a professional musician and a good harp player) and we were joking around about how the throat vibrato technique has been ever elusive for both of us.

We also discussed how some people seem to have a deep rich throat vibrato so naturally, and how much we hate those kind of people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you know what I’m talking about when I say throat vibrato? Vibrato is a subtle variation in PITCH.
Tremolo by contrast is a subtle variation in VOLUME.

This is the best video I’ve seen on the subject.

I’ve played along with this video, and a couple times I heard myself actually playing a nice full rich vibrato. But then… it’s gone again! Argh!

I remember this is how it was when I first learned how to isolate notes, or when I first learned how to bend. Any time we are learning a new technique, there’s usually some points along the way where our faith fails. Like right now I’m feeling like, “Will I ever be able to do this? Or am I doomed to live a life of playing harmonica without a good vibrato?” LOL.

Sometimes country music harmonica with super-wide vibrato annoys me anyway, so I’m like “I don’t need you anyway, throat vibrato!” But a tasty vibrato add so much emotion like Howlin’ Wolf conveys in this video (I like his explanation of the blues at the beginning as well!)

What do you think about throat vibrato? Can you do it? Do you think it sounds good? Have you seen a better tutorial than I’ve posted in this thread?

Rock on my harmonica brother and sisters, and let’s remember the whole point is to enjoy the journey, the growth, the adventure.