I done pulled the trigger, sigh

Keith Williams from Five Watt World is famous for pushing the idea of learning over gear. Often times it is not a nice new guitar or amp that we need, sometimes we need teaching instead. Today, I invested in myself about purchased Beginner to Boss. I will never know if I can do this if I do not give it a shot. At the time of this typing I am at module two lesson two. There is something about an acoustic instrument. Ukulele, guitar, dobro, harmonica. I love hearing a face melting hot screaming guitar solo, yet sometimes back to simplicity wins out. Yes, this course will be work, but also rewarding. Yep, this will get harder, but that is why it is called learning. Now, I wonder how a harmonica sounds through a vocoder? Where did I put that synthesizer? :metal:


LOL. Good one @blindfarmer (synthesizer, vocoder, etc.) Yeah, I’ve been listening to Taj Mahal and radio stations based on him lately and admiring the simplicity of some of the most soul-stirring music. I feel you.