I got my first minor tuned harmonica

and it might be one of my favourites so far

Here’s me playing around with it


Hello @Vibe,
:clap:, wonderful, you too are brave. I think it’s really nice that we’re showing our game here, even if we’re only at the beginning. There is an indirect audience, so to speak. Glad @HarpinBobbyMcB started it. Very good!


Hi @Vibe

Sounds great! I always enjoy pulling out a minor tuned harp and playing around with it.

Just something that I noticed in your video: you go from hole to hole on your harp by moving your head rather than the harp. This can be done (as proof: just look at guitarists who play a harp at the same time as they play the guitar). But this can (especially for beginners) sometimes cause problems when playing holes near the end (mostly the high end) of the harp.

If you happen to find playing clean, full sounding notes at either end to be difficult, then you might try moving the harp with your hands and lower arms – it might help (but I cannot promise that it will; you simply need to test it yourself).

Keep up the good work and let us hear some more music from your new Bmin harp!

– Slim :sunglasses:


That sounds very nice! :sunglasses::+1:


Cool sound @Vibe. :clap:t5: :grinning:



Hi @AstridHandbikebee63 @Slim @HarpinBobbyMcB and @JamesP
thank you all for your kind comments :slight_smile:

Astrid - Yeah it took some doing to get the courage to film a video, but I loved the sound of it so I had to film a bit, and I thought, why not share it with fellow harpers? I just quite don’t have the courage to introduce myself or speak yet in a video haha :joy:

Slim - That is very sound advice, which I will implement not just on this harp, but on my major ones as well. I have some harps that are kinda silent in the high register, but it might be my head moving, or bad lip sealing (when I block the two side holes the note plays fine so it might be my embouchure) but I will definitely try out your suggestion :slight_smile:

Bobby - Thank you, I had a lot of fun this morning with it, when it arrived :slight_smile:

James - Thank you, I do like the melancholy sound of it :slight_smile:


@Vibe, you don’t have to do that in the video either. You can introduce yourself in writing in your account here in the forum.
I think you already get an impression of the other person if you regularly read the comments here and correspond.
My English is so rusty when speaking after many years of inactivity that I can’t do it.
It also doesn’t help others with a different native language, since the translator is difficult to use.
Music is international and therefore easy to understand.
As you can see, no problem!


You’re right Astrid :slight_smile:

And yes speaking in another language such as English can be challenging sometimes. I’m lucky I learned it at a young age, and I never stopped speaking it (I still use it to this day when talking to boyfriend, and friends from the internet) there’s also the issue that I have cluttered speech and get nervous easily when I have to talk especially on a video :joy:

and yeah music is a language for everybody :smiley:


Ah, there you are @Vibe! Congrats on the new harmonica, your ability to isolate single notes, and your new harmonica! Woo hoo! I guess @Slim’s poke at you worked! So glad you shared. Keep on rocking!