I have this cheap chinese harmonica. How good is it?

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I think the top is missing. It’s broken. No good

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Hello @Thaw,
welcome to the forum. What is that? This species is completely unknown to me.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

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Hah real funny. Forreal tho i just unscrew it ofc to show y’all the reeds

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Hi @Thaw

I think it is a junk toy for children. For one thing: Notice how the reeds that are visible alternate from one end of the reed plate to the other: one reed on top, the next reed on the bottom of the reed plate, etc. This is not how blues harps are made. And the reed plate cannot be removed.

And why did you not include a photo of the cover plates (where often the manufacturer’s name appears, or at least the model name)?

– Slim


Didn’t you post this on Reddit?