I was good this year

Santa’s elf gave me a Lee Oskar D to join my C. Now looking for songs in D. Suggestions?


Hello @jwhunnicutt.jh,
congratulations on the new harp.

For your new D-Harp you generally need songs that are played in A major.
In blues, rock, and country songs, the harp is played in a different key than the key in which the harp is tuned.
For example, you play a C harp beginning with the note G.

The reason is that by changing the basic tone, the blues tones necessary for the sound are created by bending.

To find the right rock and blues key, always play the harp in the key of the dominant chord! So the fifth note of the scale in which the harmonica is originally tuned.

Sorry, that was some IMPORTANT theory! :wink:

Have you already played the songs with your new D-Harp that you also played with your C-Harp?
If so, you’ll find that you can use the same tabs!

I often do it to use a lower harp than C.
Well then, have fun with your new harp!

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position: