If You Are Into One Man Bands

Hey All,

This guy from New Zealand is pretty darn good…

Some Howling Wolf…

I really like his one man band cover of tequila and I’m gonna murder that f__k.:grin:

His tab/lessons are pretty good too. Mostly Irish… But bluegrass country an a bit more too. Nothin formal just tab and how to play… Kinda like showin you how to do it in your living room. Also talks technique jaw switching too. Just some more variety. Couple examples.

I really enjoy this this guy.



Thanks! I subscribed to his channel, and today’s mission, learn Dirty Old Town!
I haven’t listened to The Pogues in years, not since the cassette chewed up! :grin:


Hey Dave are you doing the Beginner to Boss course? That is one of the songs I teach in there…


I just had a look. It looks great, but it’s nearly $300 Australian. That seems reasonable for an online course, unfortunately though, I won’t be able to afford that, or the $57.60 payment plan for a while, so I’m afraid it will have to wait for now.
Not that I wouldn’t jump at it if I could afford it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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