Improv with a friend!

Hi all,

Linna and I have been friends for some-time having had the opportunity to play with her and her band when on holiday, forming some great bonds.

Wanted to share her talent with you and hope you feel the joy simple music can bring when just chilling out.

Times you’re not around.MOV

I’m tore down.MOV

All the Best.


Hey @Sunseeker95 - good fun. Thanks for sharing. Linna has a very nice voice and it’s evident that y’all are having a blast, which is the most important thing.

Your playing on I’m Tore Down sounds really good mate! Lots of great stuff happening here.

Your backing track on Times You’re Not Around is in Eb, but you’re not playing an Ab harp. What key harp are you using? I think you’ll enjoy the results much more on an Ab harp.

In terms of how to “push the boundaries” as you mentioned in your post on the Introduce Yourself thread, three things pop to mind and they’re all addressed in this 3rd section “How to Climax” in this video:


1.) The -45 trill, or shake, or warble, or whatever you wanna call it. Shake the harp (or your head) quickly from -4 to -5. This is a HUGE CROWDPLEASER. One of the most exciting sounds on the harmonica and right now seems absent.

2.) Going up to a nice long -8 and holding and ending with a -8 8 -8 and sliding down -7 -6 landing on 6. (Great way to break out of being stuck with -6 as your highest note. GREAT use of the -6 in your soloing though!)

3.) Work on your blow bends. Especially 9’ and 10". Being able to throw that in (only every once in awhile as an accent) is another great way to add excitement.

Hope that helps. Again, your playing sounds very good. Keep up the great work. Rock on! :sunglasses:


Hello Luke, thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and wisdom.

I was actually using an Ab for ‘Times that you’re not around’ maybe my mouth was out of tune :upside_down_face:

With regards your other points I really appreciate them and will endeavour to incorporate each more often. Points 2, 3 especially are areas to work on and will help increase my repertoire overall.

Thanks so much for all your great pointers, you’re a superstar.