Improvising, 12 bar blues

Regarding the 12BB progression. If i want to play along with the track will i use the notes from the ‘chord’ that is being played, or just the notes of the scale/key that we are playing in?
Like if the first 4 bars is the C chord, will i playonly the notes that make up this chord?

The choice is up to you, since both methods can work! Whether or not it will sound good depends upon your choice of notes, timing, “coloring” (such as vibrato, hand effects, playing octaves, etc).

People often mix the two methods you have mentioned so that their music has more variety. Maybe one song where they are just playing the chord notes, the next song they employ the notes from the scale/key of the tune, etc. It is even possible to throw in some chromatic runs to get even more variety and start to sound “jazzy” :sunglasses:

Go for it, Dude !! :star_struck:

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Cheers Slim, that’s so helpful. Appreciate it.

Yes, Slim’s advice is right on point here!

You can play notes in the chord, or you can play any notes from the blues scale anywhere at any time, or you can play pieces of “blues vocabulary” that you may have picked up anywhere at any time. It’s art, not science, so you ultimately get to make your own rules as guided by your ear and your emotion!

I go over a some “blues vocabulary” in my Blues for Beginners lesson if you haven’t check that out.

Rock on!

I will do Luke, thanks for taking the time to help me ,.