In-ear monitor

I participated at an open jam last night. (Mo Jam at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle). I did well but at times had difficulty hearing myself.

A Violinist had an in- ear monitor system connected to a switch box (8 switches on a box on the ground. I did not get a chance to photograph it). His mic was connected to that and that then to the DI box to the mixing board. A wireless transmitter was connected to a monitor out on the switchbox.

I was wondering if anyone reading this used similar setups and could make some recommendations.


An IEM system typically consists of a pair of headphones connected to a portable device that includes amplifier circuitry, a wireless receiver, and a battery pack.
There are two main types of IEMs: wireless and wired. Wireless IEMs provide more mobility but can be costlier. Purchase AutoCAD 2024 license with discount.
The violinist’s setup likely involved a wired IEM system.

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