International Womens Day

Happy Internatioanl Womens Day (March 8th) to all our Lady friends
Bless you all and I hope you have a beautiful day.
Here’s a quiz question for you, *What was the first song by an Australian artist to reach number one on the U.S charts?
Answer below:


I was admitted to Wembley trade tafe as a gesture on the first international women’s day. The only women. The next year when I tried to enrol it was blocked even though I passed first year. I had to fight hard to get back in.
I did this in a couple of instances. First female to be employed at a gas station in WA not related to the owner. It was technically illegal.
The most fierce opposition I came up against was usually from jealous females in the area of admin. Men often laughed but were rarely obstructive.
We’ve come a long way but sometimes today I don’t think young women understand how difficult the fight was or that some of their actions are really backward steps.


That’s a sad but not surprising story @toogdog. Yes, I think a lot of younger women don’t realize the struggles of years past. The song captures some of it beautifully and I think still stands as an inspiration.


This is the anthem for a new generation of women fighting, sometimes for thier very existence. Its by a great songwriter though it’s not one of her best. The video shows very clearly how it feels.
Music and words can convey powerful emotions but the only thing that matters is actions and behavioural change.
All the guys on this forum have been welcoming and supportive.


Thank you very much @PapaCurly!

@toogdog, I completely agree as I have had similar experiences.

I won’t write more about it because it becomes too political, which is against the rules of the forum

Many greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Some of the greatest living harmonica players are women:

And one of my favorites from the old days:

Finally, my cover a Gloria Gaynor’s hit song from the 70’s which I think is an anthem of women reigning victorious in spite of being under-appreciated:

More power to the women! :notes:


And let’s not forget Annie Raines !

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Oh my goodness I’m ashamed to confess somehow I had not been aware of her! Here is some incredibly tasty 1st position blues playing backing up a hilarious song. What a great singer too!

And then I had fun watching this

Plus she turned me onto Gary Primich. Now I’ve got 2 great harmonica players who are new to me to listen to!

Really enjoying listening to Annie’s album! Thanks @Slim!