Introduce Yourself

Hey All,

 Pascal here from South Oz. Dabbler for years, playing a motley collection of Hohner and Hohner clone diatonics.

Then during lockdown I started taking it much more seriously, and playing has kept me going through some challenging times.
Just joined my first band,still have the motley collection, but I’m also working with a set of tremolos, from East Top, the TK2403,which are amazingly good.

Now I'm purely self taught, I've always had a habit of whistling or singing a harmony or counterpoint to nearly everything I listen to (sorry everyone) so I do the same with the harp, it seems to work well.

Noodling around on the tremolos I started using embrasure and lip to play only one hole, so that I could bend or overblown that note, and because each hole is slightly out of tune, it works really well.
Then I read that you can’t bend or overblow on a tremolo.
So, what am I doing wrong​:wink::upside_down_face: or are EastTop doing something new?
I’m eyeing off their FALA 12 hole diatonic at the moment…


Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll keep enjoying this great little instrument

Welcome @Professor_B !