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Hi Luke. Yes right in our lambing season. The sheep don’t mind me playing to them. My dog Rowan has given me wearing looks but he is used to my mistakes now. Getting there with single notes. Tried my hand with Scarborough fair.

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LOL Oh yes that’s a great one! Nice, 3rd position melody.

Hi! I recently inherited a vintage Hohner echo harp 32 in both C and G keys that my mother had. I’m interested in learning to play some basic folk songs.
One issue: the harp is from a smoking household and smells like smoke and perfume. What is the best way to rid out of these smells? The comb is wooden. Any suggestions are helpful!

Hey Reese - welcome to the forum! I’ve never played an Echo harp before. Looks really cool. If it was me, I’d go ahead and soak it for a minute in a glass of Listerine or some comparable alcohol mouthwash, and then rinse it out with water, and then gently tap it against palm and draw and blow to get moisture out, and maybe don’t put it back in the box until it’s good and dry.

Just FYI, I’ve never really spent time playing tremolo harmonicas like the Echo. If you want to follow along with lessons here, and most beginner lessons, I’d recommend you buy a diatonic harmonica. Here’s my advice on brands for a first purchase:

Hope that helps!


I’m a 75 year old criminal defense lawyer / law school professor who has been playing chromatic harmonicas forever ( i did start on a simple marine band when I was 8 and they cost @ a dollar!) Finally decided to try the blues. Bought myself some hohner diatonics in c, and g. And the rest is ( or the future) is history. Thanks for the help and inspiration. Look forward to learning from you.

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Cool! Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here!


My name is Henk and I’m trying to make some funky blues sounds on this soul instrument. :heart::sparkles:

After getting some help from a friend and the WWW. I very recently dicovered some vids by It really was an eye-opener.
So, thank you Luke!

And shortly after that I decided to take the course Beginner 2 Boss. I started today, and I think it will boost my skills in a better more solid direction. :rainbow::fire:

Also all the best wishes for Mr. Allen.

Grtz from the Netherlands.

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That’s what I’m talking about my friend, and I anticipate you’re going to be doing that like a boss before too long. So glad to have you be part of the community, my friend.
Rock on!