Iphone trick to record while listening to music

I believe there is a big difference in Hearing yourself play while you’re playing & listening to yourself play after playing. (Or vice versa)

Wanted to point out a iPhone trick. As most users have experienced, When you are listening to songs in a music app & you try to record video with your phone camera the music shuts off.

Simple trick -
~Open up your favorite music app and press play on the song you want. ~Swipe the app into the background & head over to your camera app.
~Instead of going to Video, Stay on photo & press down on the shutter button while dragging it to the right.
See the lock symbol?
That’s what you’re aiming for.
The phone will start video recording and your background tunes will keep on keepin on.

Yes, it’s a bit rough and certainly not as clean as recording then mixing on a computer but tis’ a “get me by”.


Wow GREAT timing @ManicCinema! THANK YOU so much for sharing this. I was just complaining about this very thing on a metronome thread. I’m gonna have to go and share your post over there!

I just tried your suggestion and it WORKED!

MANY THANKS. :pray:t3: