IT'S OFFICIAL I'm a kid again

I’m now officially a pensioner, an oldie, an old git, an old fogie, call me what you will because who cares?..certainly not me!
I’m in my second childhood,
I can claim senility.
I get helped across the road by young ladies (if I play my cards right)
I play my harp (badly to others) but I sound great to me)
I can play like a Boss because I’m my own boss.
Sitting at my computer, editing my photographs and playing along to ‘Blueberry Hill’
Is there anything better?

Best Wishes
“Old” Bob


Bob you young rascal. Keep it up my friend.

Sleazy Bob 80 years Feb.and still enjoying it. :wink:

London, Canada


Playing music makes you age backwards! :wink:

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er’uoY ton gnorw ereht .ekuL :grin:

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:upside_down_face::joy: It’s good.

Took me a minute. I thought you were writing in German at first. :wink:


Ha Ha Luke German would be "

“Ya das ist ein Mundharmonika. Nicht mehr fingerpokken und mitten grabben meine freunde”.

We had a similar sign on our document shredder in the radio office :slight_smile: