Jack Bruce on Harp

If you’re a fan of the 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll power trio Cream which featured Eric Clapton on guitar, you’re probably aware of the famous bass player from the group, Jack Bruce. He’s always been on my radar as a bass player, but I had NEVER been aware of his harmonica playing.

Did you know that he could also play a mean harp? I guess it was often a part of the old Cream performances. Here’s some less old footage of him rocking the harp and doing some awesome groaning. LMK whatcha think…


I think he’s great! In fact, I had to watch it twice. I love watching and listening to “old guys” who can still tear it up.

Music is so much different than my other passions – here in 2021, I have no interest in watching Roger Staubach attempt to throw a football, Mike Schmidt swing a bat or Larry Bird shoot a 3-pointer because they simply can’t come even remotely close to the way they once did it. With musicians, that’s not the case.


WOW . . . I’m out of breath just watching him administer some serious stress on those reeds! Quite impressive for sure ! Guess I better got back to work on those single note lessons ! ! ! Time to show “Mary had a little lamb” a thing or two ! :slight_smile:


Well … while that was fun to listen how he played it, I think that it is clear that Jack Bruce is best remembered as an excellent bass guitar player and componist. His biography is quite interesting and entertaining, and Cream was one of my favorites back in the day.

Thanks for the video link. It was new for me.

– Slim