Jamming Pop opposed to Blues

Having taken the development and playing courses plus learning the theory of blues. I am wondering what I should be doing next. Being a 72-year-old, newbie to intermediate, learning blues but preferring Pop and low-end Rock I want to play in amateur, jamming sessions with other fun group musicians. I understand the chorus but am trying to work out a system of how I support the fun group as a harmonica player. Blues has the 12-bar system, is there a system for pop etc. or is it similar principles? I can’t find any courses on this subject and any ideas would be appreciated.


Hey Craig - did you ever do or look into Beginner to Boss? I think I teach something like 60 songs or something throughout the course, and only a few of them are Blues.

If you have questions about how to approach playing on particular songs that are popping up regularly at jam sessions, ask away my friend!


Thanks Luke. This seems interesting and some of the songs are of interest to me. Not knowing the depth of the course I have a few questions:-

  1. Can I dovetail into the course so I dont have to start from the beginner phase? I view myself as an intermediate and enjoy tongue blocking, bending, warbling etc. etc.
    2.) Jamming ~ Accompaniment, Improvising, timing, etc.
    3.) Positions between blues, country, and rock. Selecting positions for song tempo’s?
    4.) Establishing a good resource for backing tracks for the songs you have?
    I realize it’s good to always go back to improve on basic skills but I don’t want to start from the absolute beginning if that makes sense. I am at that stage of where should I go and do next even getting the confidence to Jam in an old guy shuffle band for fun ( I am 72) .

Hey Craig - I’ve responded in bold below:

Yeah, I hear ya! That would be awesome! There used to be big band (15 piece) called the Olliephonics that I used to sit in with on harmonica. It was A BLAST!!!

Beginner to Boss has a money back guarantee so if the price isn’t prohibitive, it sounds like it might be worth giving it a shot.

Also, please don’t hesitate to post songs you’re curious about best position for playing, etc. right here in the forum.

Rock on,


Done Thanks