Joe Spiers Harps

I’ve just ordered my first Joe Spiers. A stage 1 tuned Marine band with Pearwood comb in the key of C. The main reason i’m posting this is that Joe emailed straight back after my initial enquiry to say the wait time was currently only about six weeks and I should get mine about mid August. If anyone has wanted one in the past but been put off by the six month wait list, now might be the time to get your order in.

Some of you might know i’ve only been playing for a few months so why would I go out and spend $200 on a harp? Good question.

Well, i’ve been a guitarist for over 40 years and suffered from G.A.S. for most of that time resulting in a room full of guitars and that illness quickly migrated to harps. I havent counted them up but i’ve got (here we go, count them with me) a Lee Oskar, two Seydell 1847’s, 1 Session steel, 1 SP20, 2 rockets, 1 crossover, 1 Manji Sky and 2 Arkia signatures. They do all cover most of the main keys and my thinking was that rather than buying a full set of one make, to try different makes to find out what i like best. TBH it’s still inconclusive but I find myself reaching for an 1847, Arkia or Rocket more than any others. What I’ve found a little frustrating is that none are consistently better than others. A 2 draw might be easier on one but have a 3 draw that is harder than others and what I don’t know is whether that’s a feature of that harp or that my technique is to blame. What I’m hoping to achieve with the Joe Spiers is removal of that doubt. Everything i’ve read (including from Luke) suggests that they are tuned to perfection with every draw bend being consistent, so if im not getting a clean 3 draw bend i will know it’s me. My only regret is watching the Youtube vid of Lukes collection with the gorgeous parrot combs after ordering mine. Oh well, i’ll just have to buy more :laughing:


Hey @chris3 glad to hear someone else has GAS as bad as I do! :rofl:

Yeah, of course the longer you play with any harp, the more you figure out how to make it work for you. And ultimately, improving one’s technique trumps any particular brand harp!

Please keep us posted what you think about the Joe Spiers harp! I’m very excited to hear what your opinion of it. Please post a photo here as well. I’ve never gotten one of his custom pear wood combs.