Junior Wells She's a Sweet One (Harmonica Tabs Intro Lick)

Great intro riff here. As with many of the old Chess recordings and other recordings of this era, something was up intentional or not with the speed of the tape machine so it’s hard to play with.

My guess is that this was played on a G harmonica (2nd position key of D) but if you have Transcribe! or The Amazing Slow Downer you need to micro-tune this up about 44 cents in order to be able to play along with the lick and have it sound good.

At any rate, here are the tabs for this awesome Junior Wells harmonica lick from She’s a Sweet One:

-2 -4’ -45trill -4’ -3’ 4 -3’ -2 -2
-2 -2" -2 -2" -2 -2" -2 -2"

Thanks @JohnJohn for inquiring about this one. IT’S A GREAT ONE!!! :raised_hands:t3: