Juzzie Smith Lessons?

I’ve seen that Juzzie Smith does a set of audio lessons and was thinking they’d be a good way of reinforcing my learning by using his lessons when am out and about and not able to play video etc, plus I personally learn well when I combine approaches.

So my question is whether anyone here on the forum has any experience of Juzzie’s lessons?


Cool @MikeyJay! Hadn’t been aware of that. $15 shouldn’t break the bank - prolly worth a try! If you do it, please keep us posted how you like it!


Thanks @Luke

I think I’ll give it a go anyway, as you say it isn’t a high cost so not much to lose.
Due a payment from amazon of about that amount for book royalties, so no excuse not to treat myself I guess :blush:

I’ll update you all once I’ve got going and have some feedback


Juzzie Smith also has a Youtube channel. I’ve been watching his lesson on how to beatbox with the harmonica. And since it’s coming from a harmonica player instead of a beatboxer, I can feel a bit more of a connection to the sound. I would like to apply the technique to my arsenal and apply it to country and folk tunes like “This Train is Bound for Glory” (I plan on doing beatboxing for the chords for my own arrangement of the song).


So for anyone interested and considering Juzzie’s audio lessons, I’m about halfway through his course, so here’s some thoughts so you can get an idea of whether they’d be right for you.

After the initial lessons which play with concepts around rhythm and articulation to have some fun straight away, the main emphasis is on learning by ear and memorising the pieces you’re playing - I’ve found this really helpful and being encouraged to consciously listen (as I normally am lazy and rely on the tabs on screen) has already started to improve my ability to identify what notes or holes are being played.
Memorising by playing by ear is great too in that I’ve found I’m retaining the tunes much better and can recall them better than most other tunes I’ve learned.

Never fear though, he plays the pieces, then talks you through what holes he is playing, so you can always write it down too.

There’s in most cases a follow up session with him playing guitar to allow you to ‘jam’, playing what you’ve been learning.

The way he pitches the course in the information is that it relies on you taking the concepts then going off and playing with them in your own time to develop the skills, so it is certainly less structured than the B2B course, however the flipside is that it encourages plenty of creativity and improvisation in the process, which suits me personally very well.

Short version
-audio only
-lesson followed by a jam session
-focus on learning by ear
-emphasis on groove and feeling the rhythm

I’d recommended the course as a great way to reinforce what you’ve been learning or even pick up a few fun tips and licks along the way, especially as at $15 AUD, it’s somethings like ten dollars in the US (cost me about £8 in GBP)
For the price of a few overpriced Starbucks coffees, you can’t go wrong


Thank you for the detailed & informative report, @MikeyJay ! :point_left:

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks @MikeyJay apart from it sounding good it will also help with something that I’ve been torturing myself about to make a decision on. Thanks for sharing :+1:


Hey Mikey - just seeing this after having written my last comment, lol. Thanks for sharing! I’ll prolly check it out at some point. :call_me_hand:t3:


Thanks for the info @MikeyJay. $10 us it’s hard to beat. I still feel Beginner to Boss is a bargain as well in that Luke’s style, visuals, and encouragement, and particularly energetic real encouragement is the instructor skill most needed by us beginners to become lifetime players.
Heh, am I a player? maybe?


Hey @rich3 Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it! Yes you are a player!!! Rock on! :sunglasses:


I find myself recommending your B2B course more and more! I started with Happy Harpin and havent looked back! Even though we have never met, i feel that we are friends forever! Ive come along ways from Happy Harpin thanks to the structure of your courses, but i still have a long ways to go! I want to thank you personally for helping to guide me on this journey…someday i too hope to be a player!


Aw, thank you for your kind words, @johnreffitt1962! I really appreciate it, man! I feel like we’re friends too, and hope that our paths will cross in the future.

You already are a player man! You have the passion = you’re a player!

Rock on! :sunglasses: