Kerrville Folk Festival

I live in central Texas where the K F F is held annually in May. There were three fantastic instructors there, including Buddy Greene and the harp workshop three days of instruction. I was out of my league but learned very much about harp playing and music theory. The instructors were fantastic. If you have not heard Buddy Greene play watch him on U Tube. He can play it all, everything and play it well. I recommend attending this next year if you can. Buddy Green is a class act in every respect. It was a great time. Everyone was extremely helpful and put up with a new player, one year is just about complete. It was intimidating the first day given my skill level. My lack of ability do not keep all the people from helping and the food was great. The harp players could care less about what you do for a living or your skill level. They were all there to help and have a great time and that is just what I did.



I’ve actually had my playing complimented by Buddy Greene in the past. He saw a video of me playing on Youtube, probably the cover I did of “I Saw the Light”. He told me that he loved how I played the harmonica and to keep up the good work. Being complimented like that by one of my favorite players was a huge crowning achievement for me as a harmonica player.
I first met Buddy during a Thursday night Zoom meeting and Todd Parrott, my teacher and a good friend of his, introduced me to him. If you’ve ever seen these two doing the Country Harmonica seminar at last year’s SPAH convention, they are an absolute riot when interacting with each other. I kinda heard of Buddy before I met him, but I really got to know him more as a harmonica player when I started playing gospel and got introduced to his playing from Todd, as he’s a huge influence on the latter (but not as much as Terry McMillan). Getting to talk to all of the living legends in the community really showed me that I was more well-loved in the community than the keyboard warriors whom have tried to put me down. Trust me, I had everything thrown at my way but I never gave up.


Have not made SPAH yet but the guy that puts it all together lives about an hour from him. Its in Tulsa this year and August should not be so bad without much humidity. I am hopping to attend. What makes guys like Buddy so special is he is a good ole southern boy that will help anyone. I had a load to carry down to my truck in May and he offered to help. I thanked him but it was very hot and humid. Going down the hill was one thing but coming back up was another.

Its so delightful to meet a world class player that never let his ability or success get to him. A special person. I was the least experienced “player” at the K F F and first to play a riff. He told me to play something in third position. I had no idea of what this was so I grabbed a G harp and used to -2 to start something. My first experience playing in front of anyone. After I realized none cared about ability future efforts are easier and I now know how to play the first three positions. I will never be anything like Buddy as I started last year at 68. I knew nothing about music but I appreciate it now more than ever. Whatever the future holds as far as the harp is concerned is a mystery. Enjoying it is a certainty.