Konstantin Kolesnichenko

In these troubled times I give you a link to short recording by a really great blues harpist who is (hopefully) safe in Ukraine: Konstantin Kolesnichenko.

Pray for peace, my friends. :pray:

– Slim


Wow, that’s phenomenal! Just listening makes you think of an old recording :studio_microphone: with :trumpet:. I hope for the best for the :ukraine:. :pray:

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Enjoyed the old school harp @slim from our friends dealing with the unknown these days. My family comes from the Ukraine with my father being first born in America. Prayers for all of Ukraine during these trying and uncertain times.

Велика арфа грає Kon.Praying за вашу безпеку і вашу країну в ці важкі часи.Мої батьки, мама, моя бабуся приїхали в Америку на початку 1900 року.Мій батько вперше народився в Америці.


Slava Urkaini !! :ukraine:


Wow, what a beautiful smooth tone. Thanks you for sharing this. Many prayers for the Ukrainians and all victims of war around the world. :pray:t3: Keep spreading love and positivity through music.