Lee Oskar Explains Alternate Tunings

Hey harmonica fam - You may have already seen my post discussing alternate tunings here, but I just discovered this awesome video of Lee Oskar breaking down his system of different tuned harmonicas. Check it out and LMK whatcha think:

If you have any questions about which tuning would work best on a song you wanna play, just LMK and I can help you figure it out.



… wow. Just wow.

This opened up so many opportunities for harmonica growth.

I am currently working to learn blues harmonica. However, I also want to learn to play some old fashioned hymns. @Luke what’s do you recommend for that?

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Hey Quan - glad you’re inspired by the other tunings. Most of the old-time hymns work great on standard tunings. You can check out a few that I’ve taught from back in the day here.

For songs like “Wade in the Water” the Natural Minor tuning would be perfect.

Rock on!