Lee Oskar in G vs C: bigger cover plates?

Hi there,

I just got me a new G Lee Oskar harp and I noticed a couple of things:

  1. It sounds great! Love the G harp sound!
  2. The cover plates are bigger than the LO harp in C. Has LO changed their plates or do lower key harps need bigger cover plates (e.g. to sound better)?
  3. It sound so much louder!


PS: Buy a G harp, you’ll love it!


Hi Pietro @p.alfarano

Almost all reputable harp builders add larger cover plates (especially at the holes 1-3 end and for the plate that covers the draw reeds) on harps tuned to lower keys. There are exceptions, but good quality builders have typically done much testing to determine if this is necessary.

The reason is not to improve loudness but to give those long, low-tuned reeds sufficient space to vibrate without hitting the cover plates (particularly when played using lots of drawing power). An auxiliary benefit can be improved tonal quality and volume.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hi @Slim!

thanks for the clear answer, it makes sense :slight_smile:
No special mistery LO harp, thou :cry:

Have fun,


Yes sir. I hadn’t noticed that. I emailed Lee Oskar before I saw Slim’s response, after which reading it seemed obvious. This was his reply:

Hi Luke!
Looking forward to catch up, let’s talk soon.
Yes the bottom CP is deeper on lower key harmonicas due to longer reeds and therefore will not hit / slam against the CP. & also the sound is richer. Just like any instruments, a baritone/ cello/ tuba/ etc. lower octave instruments have a deeper chamber compared to a higher octave instruments. Compare a viola to a violin.
Speak soon!
Harmonically Yours,
Lee Oskar

Thanks @p.alfarano for bringing this to my attention. You learn something new every day!


@Luke: you emailed his eminence Lee Oskar himself? Oh my!!! :pray:. Like writing to bill gates why windows crashed!

This makes his brand more sympatic :star_struck:

I noticed that because the lower fatter cover plate is more comfy. What do you think?


LOL writing Bill Gates why Window crashed. Good one! I find I’m loving the lower tuned harps more and more.