Lee Oskar Melody Maker

Here is a playlist on what the Melody Maker sounds like. Not a lot of tunes out there using the Melody Maker.


Hey Dad - yeah I use an E Melody Maker when I play that song too! (And I LOOOOOVE playing that song!) My favorite part of Stevie’s improv on it uses the b6 which you can play in the upper octave with the blow bend 8’.

This bloke never did that, but I quite liked his solo! Thanks for sharing this.

His info section says “if you don’t have E Melody Maker then an E works fine,” but I quite prefer playing it on an A harmonica (though you have to kinda avoid the -5.) The Melody Makers are labeled in 2nd position so an E is comparable to a standard tuned A harmonica.

Only differences are:

  • the 3 is a whole-step higher (Major 2nd instead of root)
  • the -5 is a half-step higher, (Major 7th instead of b7)
  • and -9 is a half-step higher. (Major 7th instead of b7)
    (I wish the -9 was NOT tuned up a half-step since you can get that note with the 9’, but with this tuning now there’s no way to get that b7 interval - to me it’s kinda annoying, but Lee chose to do it that way since lots of players don’t do blow bends.)

The only songs I can think of that I use Melody Makers on live are Isn’t She Lovely and Tennessee Whiskey. They’re also great on Reggae tunes that have the I-ii progression which is quite common in the genre.

Anyways, I do love them when they’re called for!


Hello @Luke,
I saw on the news this morning that there are bad fires especially on Maui.

Not on Maui with your family? Are you okay and are you sure?

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Thanks for your concern @AstridHandbikebee63. We are fine. Our hearts, prayers, and support to all of our neighbors on Maui. So devastating. But the community is pulling together to try to help those affected.


Hello @Luke, I’m very happy then!

I’ve been having technical problems here in the forum for a few days.
I’ve already signed up and re-registered. Both on Windows 11 on the PC and on my Android tablet.
If I click directly on the newly displayed messages, they do not open properly. I always have to go to the start page of the forum, but then I don’t get all the new posts displayed.

Maybe you can forward it to your support? Thank you very much!

Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

Hey @AstridHandbikebee63? :see_no_evil: Technical issues are so frustrating. I’m not sure what’s going on, but if the problem persitsts, please contact technical support directly here:

They are AWESOME, and they’ll get you sorted. :+1:t3:


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Is there a private fund you are aware of people can make contributions to? I saw how FEMA was working hard in a five star hotel on the big island. I will always have nothing but great memories of Maui as my wife and I went there for our honeymoon. We stayed in Laheina ( SP ) ?. It was so beautiful and the black sand beaches amazing.

If you what help the people there need let me know. From what I see govt help is questionable.