Left Hand vs Right Hand?

Hi everybody - I have been feeling my way my harp for the last month and according to some literature out there, I have already picked up a bad habit !?!
I am right handed and it feels natural to hold my harp with my right hand and I can successfully wa and control the sound with my left hand - I have changed hands but it feels very awkward and I have trouble with creating the seal needed for the wa sound - can’t understand why.
Is it wrong to continue with my !bad habit’ as it was instinct when I first picked the harp up and I feel more confident playing it this way?
As a beginner, I am wondering if this will hinder my progression.
Thanks in advance, Mark


Hi Mark @harveybabes,

It does not matter which hand holds the blues harp. There are even some who hold the blues harp upside down!

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks Slim - that’s a relief :grinning:


You are very welcome, Mark @harveybabes !!

With a chromatic harp with a slide button (which most have at the high-note end of the harp) it is more important – although on some models the slide can be removed and switched from the high-note end of the harp (the right-hand end) to the low-note end (the left-hand end).

But blues harp players using the traditional 10 or 12 hole diatonic type of harp do not have to worry about this. Also: consider that some blues harpists accompany themselves on guitar and do not touch the harp with their hands at all. That is pretty much proof that it is unimportant with which hand you hold your blues harp.

Best regards,
– Slim :sunglasses:


I agree with everything slim said. Have fun blazing your own trail! :sunglasses:
Rock on,