Less maybe is more

When playing in a jam all strings ,including myself and my harmonica, is there etiquette with how much harmonica I should play.? I seached this question elsewhere with no success. Instead of playing mainly melody I would like to learn how jump in and out and pretty much leave the melody to the singers. Thank in advance for your Imput. Larry Wirth


Hi Larry @Larry3

The title of your post should be your guide unless you really play regularly with those folks. :point_left:

They will let you know if you should play more.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Yes @Larry3 and @Slim I concur that less is always more!
Playing in a jam, I certainly wouldn’t want to play a file EVERY single time there’s a pause. And I would probably play fills fairly quietly most of the time.
I’d wait for someone to look at me or say “harmonica” before I really dig in and step into the spot light.
The key is: are you adding to the overall sound? Are you serving the lyrics and the overall vibe that’s trying to be created?
We CAN play chords on harmonica and there is precedent for single note background playing in some genres, so you can play rhythmically and be supportive sometimes.
Hopes this helps Larry!