Little Walter

Hello all!
So I’ve been trying to grasp as much of little Walter tricks as possible…

Anybody here playing around with some little Walter?


Hi @JohnJohn

Check out Ronnie Shellist. In the video descriptions of his YouTube videos you can find the web address of his home page. There you can order “packages” of lessons on various blues artists styles and other blues-related techniques/topics. Among his offerings is at least one or two packages just about Little Walter – and they are good.

– Slim :sunglasses:


@Slim haha funny thing is… I bought the it’s to late brother package and loved it.
But it has its tricky to try and get it spot on. Aside from how it was recorded and the mic, amp or p/a… what ever he used… seem to make it a bit harder to figure out how much of it is he is tongue blocking.


Here ya go @JohnJohn - if you’re trying to cop Little Walter stuff, when in doubt: TONGUE BLOCK it!!!

Check this out:

That’s a good primer on TB-ing. :point_up_2:t3:

Have you seen this?

And this?

Hope that helps!

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