Lone wolf boogieman pedal - Mic or Line level on board?

Hi there everyone, does anyone here use a Lone Wolf Boogieman pedal? If so I could use some help. I had repeated trouble with the boogieman pedal being too loud when first plugged in for sound check and blowing peoples ears off. The Pa had to be turned down to almost nothing and the pedal was down to an 1/8th. My Bulletini mic also had to be choked down to maybe a quarter.The other day played around with the PA and switched it to " Line " rather than " MIC " and that seems to work just fine. What’s your take on this ? Does the boogieman have to be plugged in as an amp rather than a mic to avoid the ear deafening ? Any info on other people using this pedal is much appreciated,THX a Bunch


GREAT quesiton! And, yes, you’re exactly right! Any time I’m plugging and instrument into pedals and then straight into a the board that controls a PA, that’s a “line level” signal. You are right on the money my friend! :raised_hands:t3:

The level from a mic is usually -60 to -40 dBv, that is a few ten thousandths of a volt.

The level from a line is usually around 1 Volt, which is around 0 dBv - about 1,000 times louder!

So that probably makes perfect sense to you with the experience you describe. Switching the input channel that you plug your harp into from mic to line is going to make your life soooo (and the lives of those within hearing distance) soooooo much better. :wink:



Well thanx for the response.Good to know that I am on the right track.
Been talking to the technician at lone Wolf and he will put a patch on a new version of the pedal and we will see if that solves the mystery,take care,THX


That’s interesting. Was he surprised to hear the result you were having? Keep us posted on how this goes…

Rock on,

Not really surprised since a very few other people had a similar experience,he is going to update to the board to avoid that in the future models. He is a great guy and is really going out of his way to take care of things .Best customer service ever and I am still very happy with the pedal, Highly recommended !!

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