Low cost Battery digital Amps?

I know that one gets what they pay for. Being a retired oldie I am on a strict budget. Does anybody have any ideas what a low 3 to 5 Watt brand and model of speaker driven by batteries would be good for a bedroom studio and trailer? The trailer would be in places with limited or no power so digital, battery amp low end is an interesting consideration for me. Mind you, I would then have to match a bullet mic or digital mic.
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I have battery powered Honeytones, about $20 but pretty crummy. For $200 there"s the Pignose Hog 20, about 20 watts, long lasting rechargeable lead acid batteries, mine sounds pretty good with amped harp.


Hey @craiginker good to see you man! Yeah they keep making more and more battery powered amps and @KeefDeBluesHarpRobot gives you a good idea of the spectrum.

For mics the Hohner Harp Blaster ain’t bad - not sure if you saw my shootout of it vs a vintage astatic mic.

Just saw this mic on Reverb for $60 killer deal:

I’ve got one of those and it ain’t a bad mic at all for the money! Hope that helps.

Keep us posted!

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I agree with @Luke concerning the “Bottle 'o Blues” microphone. I have one too and doubt that you can find anything as good for less $$. Jon Gindick @Jon_Gindick first made me aware of this little microphone.

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I have a pignose 7-100 portable battery powered amp. It’s awesome for guitar and harps. Natural sounding and very well made.


Thanks for reminding me about the Pignose! I have one that my protege gave me. I gotta put some batteries in it and see if it works!

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Bruce. What kind of mic do you use with this?

You inspired me to review some amps. Check it out here: