Lucky 13 Harmonicas, Anyone?

@KeefDeBluesHarpRobot mentioned his Lucky 13’s and I know @Slim has bought AT LEAST one of these. I bought one key of F - I was so excited about it, but when I got it, the bottom 2 holes sound/feel different than the rest. Best way to describe it is it’s got a “paper” kinda vibe to it, as if I’m playing a Chromatic with wind savers.

Anyone else had this problem? I believe mine was made by Konsheng.


I thought they were made by East Top. Also thought they had 3 low holes, hence the name “Lucky 13”. They do have numerous varieties. It’s harder to hit a clean single note on the 3 low holes and I wondered how they would “relate” to the other 10 but I pretty much go back and forth between the two without difficulty. I have a YouTube video where I do this and maybe someone would be kind enough to post it here, it is: “Lucky 13 Bass Blues Harmonica (Quick Demo)”, look for the thumbnail above.



Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Thanks, Astrid!