Manji...Good or problem?

So I had a Suzuki Manji - I really liked it, but the screws all had white corrosion that ran off onthe reed plates over a period of 9 months.

This kind of spooked me and I stopped playing it and wrote Suzuki who refused to back me up with their warranty - they claimed it was my problem since MY body chemistry was reacting with the harp.

I would like to try Suzuki again- the tone out of the Manjis is great, but I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience, or if I just had a dud Manji?



I tried to buy any Suzuki when I was in Japan. Couldn’t find any. That sounds both majorly yukky and very bad service. Not good at all.


I recently purchased a Suzuki Olive in the key of E. I haven’t used it a whole lot but I’m super pleased with its comfort and responsiveness. I hope to get a Manji soon either in A or D. I don’t think I’ve had mine long enough to weigh in on long term usage. I can recommend for many Suzuki harps, though. It’s a Canadian company but they ship to the US pretty quickly and their customer service is top notch!


@Dk360 sorry that they weren’t able to help you with that.

I’m not a Suzuki fan myself. I own many different models, including a couple Manji’s, but I never play them. But they’re great harps, lotsa folks love them! Just personal preference.