Mannish Boy Lick

I’m in the Beginner to Boss course, just starting the Mannish Boy lick. I read that Luke says it takes some time to get single notes clean, so I’ve jumped ahead and have started the beginning single note exercises. I practice some single note exercises every day along with my regular lessons. I mention that because I’ve added some single notes to the exercise.

For those who read music, I’ll post the notation for my practice exercise below. Down arrows denote a draw, up arrows a blow. The first Line of text under the notation is how I count this, the second line is how I “articulate”. The third line is the blow/draw tab.

The first measure is a pick up measure, as the song starts on the + of 3.

I’m sure there are some mistakes, Let me know, and I’ll correct them. If you have any helpful hints or tips, please post them. Hopefully, this will help those who can read the rhythm.


WOW!!! :flushed: That chart is amazing! It’s perfect. Very well done. I wish I could make charts like that. :rofl:

A1 work @PineComb, and great place to work on your single notes as well!

Rock on,


Hey @Luke. I’m hoping to be able to play single notes reasonably well by the time I get to Module 3. Once I start Module 3, I’ll start learning the beginning bends from Module 4. This way I won’t get bogged down too long learning a new
technique. (I’m a slow learner) :grimacing:

Thank you for the kind words. The chart is actually pretty easy to do. I use Guitar Pro software. You can enter notation, or guitar tab.


Cool, love your concept for approaching the course. In light of that, I’d recommend watching M3 L1 if you haven’t already. Watch it as many times as you need to for the “aha” moments.

Rock on!