Mic repair

Hey Folks,
I have this old Brown Bullet from a friend whose father used it years ago. It was made in the 1940s so there’s some history and good mojo about it. It worked but it had some issues. I sent it to Greg Heumann at BLOWSMEAWAY PRODUCTIONS for the fix and he checked the element and made a new gasket, added screw-on connecter and his custom volume control, and a new quality cord. He gave this old mic some new life in only a couple of days. He’s awesome to deal with and you should check his website, lots of info. He builds mics for the big-time players and his work is incredible. Watch his video, too.

I hope to do business with him again.


I just love those brown Bullets, nice one you have there, and even more special that it was used by the father of your friend. Very cool.

The vintage volume control shown above in your picture is top notch. I’m very pleased with mine from Greg Heumann. Built like a tank, looks great, and works perfectly. Greg has been great to deal with, highly recommend his products/services as well.


Greg may also be the first person to design a microphone element specifically for amplified blues harmonica. He also seems to have more detailed information on Shure CR/CM elements than anybody. What kind of element is in that mike anyway?


Greg tested the Kobitone crystal element and said it was strong, which saved me some cash. Had it been bad, we’d have discussed replacements. I use a couple of different mics that I like, so now I’m kickin’ around the idea of a new amp. There’s no end… :slightly_smiling_face:


Gear rabbit hole. I’m starting to go down one too. But its lots of fun learning and another way to enjoy playing harp even more.


Fun it is!

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Your tone is fantastic man.

She’s a beaut. May I ask how much the repairs set you back?

Thanks Luke

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My mic fix was 170. More than some mics new, less than others. I could have saved some with a cheaper cord but when the bass player is stompin’ around it pays to have a good cord. I’ve played it with the band a couple of times and really liking it.


:rofl: Those stomping bass players! :warning:

Yeah, I paid over $300 for my Astatic so, for the tone you’re getting, and the mojo of that mic, I’d say well worth the money!