"Middle of the Road" by The Pretenders

Someone just turned me onto this song, and Chrissie Hynde proves 2 awesome facts that I’ve talked about before:

1.) Women Rock
2.) To sound great playing in 2nd position, draw more than blow

Here’s the tabs to her opening licks:

-1 -1’ -1 -1’

-1 -1’ -1 -1 -1

-45 -45’ -45 45 -45 45 -23 -3 -3” -2

She goes on to do a lot of stuff around -5 and her high point is -6.

Hope that helps.

Rock on,


I was reading some stats on another forum where they had analysed a few classic blues songs, typically played in 2nd position. The average was around 90% draw notes! So exhale before you start!


AMEN, brother. AMEN!

That’s so cool. I’d never heard that before, but I’m gonna trust the secondhand info and start quoting you on that. :wink:

As stolen from Dave Barrett (no original thought on my part):
As a randomized sample of our ratio of draw to blow notes played (rests were not counted), I analyzed the first four choruses of these songs played in 2nd Position (our most common position):

  1. “Bonus Boogie” by Kim Wilson – 8 beats of blow and 147 beats of draw = 95% draws
  2. “Blue Midnight” by Little Walter – 25 beats of blow and 143 beats of draw = 85% draws
  3. “Baby Scratch My Back” by Slim Harpo – 12 beats of blow and 122 beats of draw = 91% draws
    With these numbers in mind, it’s obvious that every time you pick up your harmonica to play, your reflex should be to exhale before starting.

I’ve always loved this song @Luke, as well as just about anything from the Pretenders, now even more so!

Getting some “low dough” on the draws definitely seems to be key to making 2nd position wail @Maka. Nice stats!

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