Mind-Blowing Harmonica of Terry McMillan

Have you ever seen a better train imitation than Terry McMillan’s here?

Another Golden Melody in action.

Man this guy keep blowing my mind. Check him out shredding here:

And then it a totally different vibe on this version. Such cool tone!

Check out Terry McMillan’s version of Amazing Grace. It start so sweet and serene, and then he brings the FUNK and SHREDS. I love this guy!

Man Terry McMillan is inspiring me like CRAZY! And here’s a cool story to touch your heart. Hs daughter Sara just made a comment on JP’s blog about him. She tells JP she’s so grateful that he’s honoring her father whom she loves and misses so much.

So many musicians leave a legacy of amazing music and neglected families, but here is a man who truly walked in love and left a legacy of musical and spiritual wholeness. WOOOO HOOOOO! Can’t wait to rock some harmonica with you in heaven, Terry!


WOW, what an idea! He was previously unknown to me.
That’s why I just read his biography. He really used his too short life and lived music. Sad that many good ones have to go way too soon.


Terry is such a huge inspiration to me. Ever since hearing him play with Garth Brooks as a kid, I knew I wanted to be a harp player. My teacher, Todd Parrott, told me that Terry was also a big influence on him. Here’s an old video of him preforming “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” at a church in Florida back in 1996. Terry McMillan plays "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" live 1996 - YouTube


Well I hope your in for a long wait!


Aww thanks @toogdog!

Yeah @KeroroRinChou what a great video of Swing Low! LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing that.

This one just came up after it, and he is SHREDDING right at the top:


On his official Facebook page, one of the admins said that one of Terry’s ambitions was to record a blues album. He was actually trying to work with Eric Clapton (yes, THAT Eric Clapton) to collaborate on the album. Sadly, the album was put to rest when Terry died in 2007.
I loved his bluesy style and it sounded like he was destined to play blues. I used to call him the bluesman in a country player’s body.
There are some people on Facebook (particularly Adam Gussow) who think that his playing is too OTT and emotionless for blues. However, his playing actually was filled with so much raw emotion and especially when you hear his full testimony, it felt like he was using music to escape all his troubles and his emotions were being played through the harp.


BEAUTIFUL response Luke. :innocent:

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Here’s another song that has Terry blazing through the track on harp. It was shared by Adam McMillan, who’s one of my Facebook friends and one of Terry’s children, on the Terry McMillan Facebook group I own.

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This is a really cool thread! I wasn’t familiar with the late Mr. McMillan before. Love his style!

His Wikipedia entry says his death was under mysterious circumstances. Really wish he was here and playing those fabulous riffs today.