Minor scales

Hallo, I am trying to improvise on a blues in G minor on a C harmonica, but I am not sure aboutaleb the scale. I am using G A Bb C D Dis F G.
Is this OK or am I making a misstaken.


Hi @kosiefritsie

There are a number of posts here concerning what you are trying to do (namely, playing a C blues harp in 2nd position minor). But just to summarize: for a Gmin scale the notes are

G A Bb C D E F G

On your harp (in the mid-range) that would be:

-2 -3" -3' +4 -4 +5 -5 +6

What many people like to play (usually because they cannot hit the -3" (the A) accurately, and because the notes from it seem to always work and resemble what guitarists learn early in their learning process) is the Gmin pentatonic scale:

G Bb C D F G

or on your harp (again in the mid-range):

-2 -3' +4 -4 -5 +6

Or also very appealing is the minor blues scale:

G Bb C Db D F G

and on the harp:

-2 -3' +4 -4' -4 -5 +6

Try to vary your choice to avoid sounding too repetitious. :point_left:


– Slim :sunglasses:


thank you for your quick answer.



My pleasure! I hope it helps. Check around the forum for more info about this.

– Slim

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Hey @kosiefritsie - just wanted to give you a very belated “Welcome to the forum!” Somehow I missed your post her, but I see Slim has filled you in. Last thing I wanna chime in, if you’re comfy playing in 2nd position, you really might wanna check out a Natural Minor harmonica for playing over a minor blues. It’s SO much fun.

Natural Minor harps are labeled in 2nd pos key, so you’d buy a G Natural Minor harmonica to play over a G minor blues.

Rock on,

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