If this topic has been discussed i apologize-I couldn’t find anything in the forum on it.

I am getting a harmonica neck harness so I can start working guitar and harmonica together

I know there will be a challenging learning curve and that challenge excites me.

Quick self assessment:
I can isolate notes well.
Chords well.
Bending very novice.
I know my scales and can play them proficiently.
I can play several melodies and riffs.
Tongue blocking very novice.
Soloing I am very novice.

I am an intermediate player. Mostly Rythm.
I know my scales
I know my chords
I play several rythms.
I like to play blues riffs and much like harmonica I am a very novice with solo’s

Finally the ask!!!
Any thoughts on how to start playing the two instruments together?
Any songs that might be a good starting point?
Any exercises that help progress?

Thanks in advance


I’d suggest starting with something you know how to play on guitar. That will make it easier for adding harmonica.

Possibilities? Depends on music you like - folk, one man band, blues, jazz, etc.
~ Bob Dylan doing “Mr Tambourine Man” or “Blowing in the Wind”;
~ Jesse Fuller with “San Francisco Bay Blues”;
~ Jimmy Reed’s “Honest I Do “ or “Big Boss Man”
~ Thiago Cerveira and Mauro Casellatto on “Tenor Madness”.

There’s no one song or style and plenty of available sources. Go to YouTube and search “songs harmonica and guitar player” . You’ll find people playing everything from “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Georgia “ to “Heart of Gold” and “Take Me Home Country Road”.

Good luck finding enough time to practise!


Thank you BnT.

Appreciate the input.