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Hi all,
What a fun journey learning harmonica has been. These last four months has expanded my enjoyment of music. Not just the blues but also JS Bach,rock and country!!
The music theory section of the B to B course has required many repeats, but now on the 4th go around it is sinking into my brain and I’m really digging it.
I want to delve just a wee bit deeper into music theory and thought a book might be in order. Luke’s explanation was great, but sometimes someone else with a different view point can expand understanding.
I’m looking at two books (and open to other suggestions):

Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert - The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly: 1 (Essential Learning Tools for Musicians) which is highly rated on Amazon and Music Theory for Dummies. The Dummies series is a bit uneven with some being excellent and some not so helpful. Anyone with experience with it please give some feedback. I’m leaning towards the 1st book.

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I guess I can answer my own question now.
I went back to the Amazon book and found it is a Kindle Unlimited listing, which I have!!! So I was able to start reading for free, and I can say it’s a 5 star book and exactly what I wanted and need for a next step up. His approach is similar to Luke’s, slow and methodical and since it’s a book the author is able to expand material with examples and diagrams which help.
For 6.5 £ UK or about $10 US it’s a steal. He also has a book two which covers musical notation and sight reading…


I applaud you @expat48 yeah I’ve ready many music theory books over the years and they’ve all been helpful in filling in the gaps.

Since you’re going deep into all of this, you might also really enjoy the EarMaster software I recommended in the middle of this post:

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