My YouTube channel

I have a YouTube channel with old and new original songs. I play mostly diatonic harp with a few songs in chromatic. There is a variety of songs, both acoustic and amplified. Most of the songs are blues but there are other genres as well.
It will take you through my life’s Joys and travails over the past few years.
These songs are about real life. Having said that I did use artistic license, So please don’t take anything as 100% accurate.
It is a hodgepodge so you might like some songs and hate others. Give it a try you have nothing to lose except you’re boredom. I hope you enjoy :sunglasses:
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How cool is that?

I love your energy and creativity @stevenlois1

Thanks for sharing. Though we don’t share the same musical tastes and I don’t know all of the songs you play, it’s super what you do do, congrats

I especially like your Four Twenty song :wink::+1:


I’m glad you enjoyed my tunes. The reason you don’t know the songs is because I made them up. Sometimes I use established tracks for backing; other times I take generic tracks off YouTube to fit the mood. I have been a 420 lover for 54 years :heart_eyes:


That makes sense! :joy:

= 4 me 4 + than 40…

I love numbers :1234: :sunglasses:


Thanks for the link, @stevenlois1 !! Subscribed !!

I too use generic backing tracks from YouTube and create my own melodies and lyrics for some original things I have done. Glad to see that I am in (really) good company

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thank you, Slim!


I had already subscribed, and have been enjoying your songs, I urge other members to do the same! :+1:


Thank you so much :heartbeat:


Of the 81 postings,
I am most proud of this online concert I did of my original album “baby”.
It includes a large variety of genres based on what type of mood I was trying to set up. These are autobiographical songs That include me, my family, friends, enemies and people I know.
There is a bit of multiple meanings in the lyrics, Because I love to play with words, Harmonicas and other things. (complete album) online concert - YouTube