New gear

Well it’s been a little bit sense I posted but I have acquired some new gear. First I bought a line 6 pod express and I’m enjoying it. A little bit of a learning curve cause I’m not very techie. Also 3 new harmonicas 1 is a Easttop 008k in key of A minor and 1 in Enm cause our band will be doing some songs soon I those keys. Haven’t really messed with them yet cause we have been in the studio recording two songs to be mastered soon. Also got a Hohner Rocket Amp in G, used it the other night in practice and I like it but not sure anymore that my big river or juke harmonicas, time will tell. Also had a custom leather harmonica holster(looks like what a gunslinger would wear) was 100 bucks custom made by a local Leathersmith. It has my name stamped into it and looks and works great. I’m very glad I decided to have it made, it holds 5 harmonicas. Like I said I’m not very techie so I’m going to try to take pictures and post them we will see if I can figure it out. Sorry a little long post but I guess I’m excited lol. Oh also got a cowbell cause in addition to playing harmonica I play the tambourine, Guiro, shaker and now cowbell. just for info if the pitch is to high when your playing the cowbell you can put the drum dampening sticky pads on it to help with that works pretty good.


It sounds like you’re having fun making music and that’s contagious! Good for you!


Yes I am thanks @ bakingblackdog, I’m probably buying way to much gear but it’s one of my few hobbies that is relatively inexpensive.