New Harp day, first impressions

I’ve been messing around with harmonica since last Christmas when my wife gave me an East top 008 and a book. Is sounded ok and I made a bit of progress and along the way picked up some old Marine bands in C,G, & A. They sound fantastic but are a bit more finicky

I decided to get serious and signed up for Beginner to Boss and , of course started looking at Luke’s excellent harmonica reviews. That lead me to want to try either a Lee Oskar or a special 20. The Lee Oskar arrived today and I’ve been doing my lesson practice for the last hour. First impressions, this harp is easy to play! Really easy to get good volume with minimal effort. Even the dreaded 2 draw gave me a good tone. Single notes up and down the scale were clear and precise. Compared to the Marine Band, the Lee Oskar almost sounds like it has a reverb. I do love the dark gritty tone of the Marine Band, but the playability of the Lee Oskar is a winner. Maybe a special 20 in another key will be in my future?


Good for you @jwhunnicutt.jh . And great decision to do the course. You will love it and it is great spending time with Luke. Stay funky brother :sunglasses:


Aw I’m so glad you’re loving the Lee Oskar @jwhunnicutt.jh. Yep, the playability is what drew me to them as well. I’ll be curious to hear about how you think the Special 20 compares. Maybe Santa will pick you up one. :wink: