New Harps Coming!

I just ordered a couple new harps. I ordered a Seydel Session Steel in Bb and a Bushman Woody in D from RockinRon’s. I also went ahead and got a Hohner case that holds seven.

My ten year old son has decided he wants to give the harp a go, so I ordered him a Bushman Original in C.

Anyway, had to get out some of this pent up excitement. Thanks for letting me gab!


Well, my Bushman Woody in D has arrived and I have to say it is a really nice harp. Heavier than any of my other harps (Bluesmaster, SP20, and MB1896) with hole spacing very close to that of the MB1896. Though it has a lip like the MB1896, I find the Bushman more comfortable on my mouth.

My Seydel Session Steel in Bb should be here today.

My son also received his Bushman Original in C and has already begun trying to master playing single notes. It has been a challenge though, because he can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face. Hard to smile and pucker at the same time!! :slight_smile:

That’s the good stuff!


Well, the Seydel Session Steel in Bb is in and right now I have mixed feelings. It’s a fat harp with small holes! I’m not experienced enough to know if I like it yet, so I guess I’m gonna have to just keep playin’! :slight_smile:

Now, I just need harps in the keys of E and F to round out my first seven! Thinking of trying the Da Bell Noble and Contender harps. Any thoughts?

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That’s what I like about Seydel Harps. Nice big cross section, suits my embouchure.