New Set of Seydels - Video of Testing the Harps

In another thread, I was asking about a small set of harps for a beginner to be able play along with most Americana. With some help from @Slim and others, I chose the Seydel 1847 Silver set of 5 in the keys LF, G, A, C, D. I want to share my experience selecting a reseller, and purchasing the harps.

Since I had chosen Seydel, I found an authorized reseller on Seydels’ website, 16:23 Custom Harmonicas. I like that they play and repair harps, not just sell them. Prices were competitive with Sweetwater and Amazon,

I spoke with Greg Jones at the shop, expressing a concern about so many reviewers on Amazon returning harps of all brands because something didn’t work. Being a beginner myself, how would I know if it’s me or the harp? Greg offered to give each of my harps a good test on video, and send that to me. (For a small fee)

I got the video a couple of days ago, and thought some of you might like to see it. So with Greg’s permission I’m posting a link here for you to look at. The Video is here.

Of course all the usual disclaimers: I’m not affiliated, not compensated, YMMV, etc…

Also, I’ve never posted a link to a video before. Hope I did it right.


Great video @PineComb, came through just fine. I looks like your research and help from @Slim paid off finding and using 16:24 Custom Harmonicas! Great job and thanks for sharing . . .


Hello @PineComb,
really really good! Thank you very much. The sound of the A is so great, even when bending. So far I only have the Seydel Lightning A from Seydel, which I also think is great, even if it is not a cheap harp. Many greetings from Astrid


Hi @Butch. Yeah, I really like the more personal touch you get at smaller shops. Someone who really knows, uses, and repairs the product they’re selling.


Hi @AstridHandbikebee63. I agree, that A sounded great. I also liked the Low F more than I expected. The video also eased my mind knowing that every note on all the harps work, and that they will perform the bends.

I’m looking forward to/dreading getting into the bending section of the Beginner to Boss course. :sweat_smile:

Astrid, I looked at the lightning line of harps. They looked pretty interesting. Seydel really has a wide and deep lineup of harps.


Very cool….thanks for sharing


Very nice! You went all the way with a nice set. I bought myself a customized seydel 1847 (key of a) as well as my second harmonica. I started with a special 20. To me the seydel does feel and play much more like a professional instrument instead of a toy. The bending is about the same difficulty on both harmonicas. I really dig the key of A. It does sound so much better.


Hi @Peter_laar. The difference I feel between the Seydel and the Lee Oscar is that the Seydel seems to need a bit more air/effort. I’m not sure which as I’m too new a player to really tell. I haven’t gotten to bends yet, so haven’t compared bends.


@PineComb Thanks SO MUCH for posting that video. It was VERY interesting. I would like to ask about the 1847’s? Were they Blues, Noble, or Classic or ? Were they standard diatonic tuning or half valved or something else special? I am thinking about getting a Seydel Blues Session Steel, possibly in Key of F. Really not sure if I want to spend the difference in the 1847…I think I want Plastic Combs - ?comment? Thanks


There is not a “blues” 1847 model. The 1847s are the Classic, the Noble, the Silver and the Lightning (some of these also come in Low versions).

I almost forgot: there is also the 1847 L.E. 170 model – it only costs about $999.00 US dollars … :exploding_head:

I would get one but they only come in the key of C:crazy_face:

– Slim :sunglasses:

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I understand, my mistake asking what model of 1847 and including “blues” in the list. I am considering a “Seydel Blues Session Steel” and asking about the difference in cost and mentioning that I prefer Plastic Combs…Basically I was asking what model he purchased.


Hi @Poppo, the set of 5 Seydels I purchased are the 1847 Silver. They are standard tuned harps, no valves.

When I first played the Seydel’s I thought they took a bit more air. Now, a couple of weeks later, I don’t think they do.

I think the Session Steel is a great buy. Gotta love the color of the comb! :grinning: I was thinking about a set of those if I end up getting some minor tuned harps.

Edit: The 1847 silver uses a polymer comb, and the session steel uses a plastic comb. Everywhere I looked, the 1847’s were around $90 US. I don’t remember what the Session Steel’s were, but it was a fair bit less.

Double edit: @Slim corrected me about the reed plates. Thanks Slim!


Thank You VERY MUCH. I was very much with the video you posted, I was very much impressed with Greg Jones and glad to verify the origin of his “16:23” Company Name. I will probably do business with him when I decide to make my next harp purchase.
Isn’t the Polymer a form of Plastic?? Maybe I am just misinformed.


Hi @Poppo. Greg was very good to work with. Was very knowledgeable and helpful. Prices were as good as the online services.

All plastics are polymers, but not all polymers are plastic. Their marketing literature implies that the comb of the 1847 Silver is a polymer that isn’t plastic. They do state that the Session Steel has a plastic comb. I’m not sure why I would care about plastic vs. non-plastic polymers though.


Aha! You are probably right, in fact I think I knew the distinction in my long forgotten past! I read a bunch of stuff on his website, learned a bunch. I learned a lot about caring for and cleaning a harp. I also learned a lot more about half valving. I probably ask him about its usefulness in my circumstances when I get ready to order my next harp which is sure to be from Greg. Thanks again for posting his info!


I’m glad you found it useful! If you should get a Session Steel, please post a review. I’m sure tempted to get some of the natural minor tuned Session Steel harps.


I will. Just before you made your last post my 8 draw on my Delta Frost went out. I have been cleaning the combs of my harps with toothpicks, but I only once tried rinsing one. I tried cleaning with the toothpick, tried lightly blowing and drawing quickly, tapping, blowing on the back , etc. Finally took the bit in my mouth and rinsed with body temp water, tapped it, waved it, and set it on paper towel to dry. I just picked it up again and my 8 draw seems fine…I was glad I had read Greg’s website, it gave me the confidence to do that…I have COPD - 24X7 Oxygen, lots of Opoids for back pain, so I have VERY little saliva…I have the impression that saliva is the main cause of ‘clogged reeds’…


Hi @PineComb and @Poppo

Caution: the Seydel Session Steel does not use the same reedplates as the 1847 models !! :point_left:

See this page and notice that the reedplates for these two models are listed separately and cost is higher for the 1847 reedplates. I own both Session Steel and 1847 models and have taken them apart, so I can absolutely verify that the reedplates are not the same. Also read the fine print below the picture on this page where it says that the reedplates are not able to fit in the other model.

The reason for this is that the Session Steel uses a recessed comb design but the 1847 models use a sandwich design for reedplates. The size difference is minimal, but crucial. The quality, however, seems to be equally good for both designs.

– Slim


Thanks for catching this @Slim. I’ve edited my post to reflect the correction.