New to the Group

Wow! First of all I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Stavi, in the Southern Colorado music scene I’m known as Electric Catfish. I’m so pumped to have found this forum/group. Super excited to learn and share what I know, with like minded individuals. Here’s what I play on. I play Seydel harps, through a Honer Harp Blaster and into a Bugera 10w tube. Simple and dirty.


Hello Stavi, glad you joined the crew of harmonica enthusiasts. I play many different brands of harmonicas and mostly plug into the venues PA system for gigs. I have two small 10 watt solid state amps, One is a fender frontman the other is a Esteban. For gigs where I need my own amp I use a Gamma G50 50 watt solid state amp. My mic is a shaker Madcat but I also have a Peavey H-5C that is what I started with but have got GAS syndrome really bad LOL. I like your nickname.