Newest PreBoss Here!

Hello everybody! My name is Larry from Missouri and I’m a 55 yo man who just got a new hip so I’m going to learn harmonica in my down time. I took too much time over researching the best online course so now I have about 4 weeks to get back to work and learn the harmonica. I was proficient at the drums but the new hip says no. I just bought BTB so here I go!!!


@larry.danner Welcome! You’ve landed in the right place! @Luke is a phenomenal teacher, and the folks on the forum are just as fantastic! Incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and helpful!

I too tend to over think and over-research everything, which probably explains my ever-growing harmonica collection!!

Best of luck and look forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks!


Thanks! I feel like I’m in the right place with great people who are going to be good friends. I’m so excited to learn how to play, not just well, but great. Let’s see where this takes us!!


Hello @larry.danner!

Welcome! It’s always awesome to see a new face. You have a drumming background - that’s awesome. Experience with that instrument helps in some pretty interesting ways with learning the harmonica (I used to be a drummer myself).

Never be afraid to ask questions, this community is pretty great so you are in the right place. The Beginner to Boss course is a great way to learn tons and it works really well as a reference tool too.

Anyway, welcome to the forum!



Hey @larry.danner I hope the new hip works out great, and how wonderful you’re using this time to embark upon the exciting world of harmonica. Your drum experience is gonna be a HUGE HELP to rocking the harmonica! WELCOME.


Welcome aboard from another Larry! I love this course. I am 57 so we’re “older” newbies! Lol